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fCC Scoring Information

Teams are awarded points for each of their players via fCC's Scoring Formula which uses each players real game statistics for the 22 round AFL season.

Coaches can activate a maximum of 18 Players from their squad of 25 , in each round. The 18 active players are restricted by position quotas as follows:

6 Backs
5 Centres
6 Forwards
1 Ruck

Coaches can nominate a Captain and Vice Captain for their team one of whom will earn double points. The Captains can be changed each round.

In addition coaches can nominate up to 4 Interchange Players in any position. Interchange players will replace active players that play in the same position and score less than 10 points for the round.

If your Captain scores below 10 points, he will be replaced by your Vice Captain. If both score less than 10 they can be replaced by an interchange player(if one available) but you will not receive double points from his replacement.

Scoring Formula
Player Statistic
Kick - Effective (kick must find a team mate or gain significant ground)
4 Points
Handball - Effective (Handball must find a team mate)
2 Points
Uncontested Mark (from team mate)
1 Point
Uncontested Mark (disposed by opposition player)
4 Points
Contested Mark (from team mate)
6 Points
Contested Mark (disposed by opposition player)
8 Points
5 Points
Free kick for
2 Points
Handball - Received
1 Point
Hardball get (contested possession non-marking)
4 Points
Loose-ball get (uncontested possession non-marking)
4 Points
10 Points
2 Points
Hitout (not to opposition)
3 Points


Players can also lose Points from their score if errors are made
Player Statistic
Clanger - kick (a stray kick or to opposition) -8 Points
Handball - clanger (to opposition)
-6 Points
Free kick against -2 Points

We use an in depth scoring methodology that awards useful possessions by players and penalises errors. We believe it provides the most accurate assessment of a players performance. All scores are updated each round by fCC and applied to all fantasy teams in every league. You don't have to do a thing, just sit back and enjoy our highly interactive game interface.

Player statistics are collected from various sources and collated using fCC's scoring formula. All efforts are made by fCC to ensure player scores are accurately collated.

fCC attempts to update player totals as soon as possible after the completion of each round. Unless there are unexpected delays scores are updated within 24 hours of the completion of the final match, and often much sooner.

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