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Prize Money League Registration

Entry to this league gives you 3 fantasy games. The Prize Money is awarded to League entrants for your main fantasy Coach Challenge league as follows:

Premier:     $250

Runner-up: $125

Third:         $50

To enter a Prize Money league:

1. Click 'Pay Now' to make payment, you will be directed to PayPal.

2. Make payment at PayPal and select the "Return to Website' button from PayPal payment confirmation page to be directed to the Registration Page.

3. Enter Registration details.

Please follow all steps or your registration may not be successful.

(Cost $50, 3 games)

Once your Registration is complete you will be redirected to our main page where you can log into your Team(s).

Your Registration details will be forwarded to the email address you provide. Your Privacy is important to us and we keep your details secure.


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