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Fantasy Coach Challenge

FCC offers a unique draft format allowing you to rank AFL players in the order you want to select them in your draft. An automated process runs your league draft at a set time and fills your team with your drafted players. From then you can exchange your players for others who remain undrafted, at anytime, or make player trades with other teams in your league.

Your fantasy season will commence at AFL Round 2 and finish at AFL Round 23.

Each fantasy league has 10 teams who play each other twice throughout the season. There is a final five system for league finals.

Details below.

Fantasy Game Details


Fantasy leagues consist of 10 teams.

Each team consists of 25 players drafted in a set number of positions:

8 Backs
7 Centres
8 Forwards
2 Rucks

Teams score from a maximum of 18 players each round in set positions:

6 Backs
5 Centres
6 Forwards
1 Ruck

Interchange Players

In addition coaches can nominate up to 4 Interchange Players from their squad each round, in any position.

Interchange players will replace selected players who play in the same position and score less than 10 fantasy points in that round. If you have more than one player on your interchange for the same position, your replacement is the one who scores lowest.

Team Captains

Fantasy coaches can nominate a team Captain and Vice Captain each round. A Captain will score double points for your team.

The Vice Captain will replace your Captain and score double points for you where your Captain has scored less than 10 fantasy points for the round.


Your fantasy home and away season lasts 18 rounds (Round 2 to Round 19 of the AFL football season).

Each team will contest all other teams in your league twice over the course of the home and away rounds.


Finals will be played from Round 20 to Round 23 of the AFL football season.

There is a 'final five' format used for the finals series, with the top 5 teams playing out the major finals series and the bottom 5 teams playing out the minor finals series.

The ultimate winner is the winner of the league's major finals series 'Grand Final' which is on Round 23 of the AFL football season, for all leagues.

The best 5 League winners are invited to play in our Hall of Fame League the following season and have a chance to make our FCC Hall of Fame.


Players are allocated a score via the FCC Scoring Formula which is calculated from real AFL game statistics.

You set your team of 18 active players each week from your playing squad of 25 players. Teams will be awarded the cumulative score of all active players (limited to the restrictions set for positions) including applicable interchange replacements. Double points are awarded for your Captain.

Wins 4 points, Draws 2 points, and Losses 0 points, will be awarded to league teams after each match result to formulate your league ladder.

Percentage will be calculated via for and against totals as per the AFL ladder format.

Player Draft


An exciting part of FCC is your chance to select your AFL squad via a unique and flexible pre-season draft. When a league acquires 10 teams, a random draft order will be determined and displayed on your league's 'Teams' page.

The draft occurs automatically at a set time and in the blink of an eye your team has been drafted and your league's draft results can be viewed. Each team has 25 picks in the draft. The 1st draft round is in the random draft order, the order then reverses for the 2nd Round. It continues this pattern until the draft is complete. The reversing order allows coaches an even chance to acquire their preferred team.

Coaches can rank players in any order they desire prior to the draft, or you can rely on our player rankings. Teams are selected using your chosen ranking order in the automated draft. As teams cannot have the same players, the next available player in ranking order will be selected if a player has earlier been drafted.

In addition, coaches can rank their draft position selections. You can choose where to draft your backs, forwards, centres or ruckmen for each of your 25 picks. You will get your highest ranked available (undrafted) player for that position for each of your draft picks. This allows flexibility for you to employ different strategies.

After the draft, each team will have 25 players. All undrafted players remain available for exchange as 'free agents'.


As coach, your draft skills are tested. Then your judgement as you select 18 team starters from your squad of 25 to compete against 18 different AFL(fantasy) players each round. Each score is paramount.

Post Draft

Coaches can change their squad at any time after the draft in different ways:


Free Agents

All players that were not drafted into fantasy teams remain as 'Free Agents' in the player pool.

Coaches can add players from this pool at any time (except while a round is in progress).

Coaches can change their squad to have any number of positions , ie: have more than 7 centres, up to the maximum squad limit of 25. However, teams will be awarded points for a maximum of 6 Backs, 5 Centres, 6 Forwards, 1 Ruck, in each round, so it is advised to maintain at least these position levels.

Coaches can activate a maximum of 18 players each round, with up to 4 interchange players. Interchange players can be in any position.


Player Trades

Coaches can offer to trade a player(s) to other teams for one of their own players. Players can be traded across all positions without restriction, but trades are subject to a league voting process before proceeding.

All league coaches are advised of trade offers made and accepted, and have the opportunity to vote 'Yes' if they agree, or 'No' if they disagree, with a trade occuring.

If a trade receives more than 4 'No' votes it will not proceed. There is a time limit of 72 hours applied to each trade voting period, and trades will proceed after this time if more than 4 'No' votes have not been received. Alternatively trades will occur as soon as 5 'Yes' votes are received (not while round in progress) .

The voting system means coaches can ensure trades are equitable to avoid unbalanced swaps between teams that could disadvantage others. If trades are equitable then coaches are encouraged to vote "Yes' to ensure this same equity is afforded to them, and to make the game more active and enjoyable.


Game Play

Leagues will not commence until they have 10 teams, in the interim you are encouraged to start ranking your players and draft position order as your league draft will occur 2 days after the league acquires 10 teams.

Note: For leagues that start within 4 days of the commencement of the AFL season, drafts will occur 24 hours after 10 teams are acquired.


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