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Can I enter the same league more than once?

No, although you will be able to do anything you like with leagues you create, winners of leagues who had more than one team in the same league will not be invited to join our "Hall of Fame" league the following season, nor will they be eligible to win our $500 major prize. You can enter and play as many times as you like in different leagues.

Why do I need to rank positions in order?

Each of the allowed number of positions to be drafted needs to be aligned to a draft pick (from 1 to 25). You can choose any order for selection. They are intially ranked in our suggested order for your convenience.

Do I need to rank every player for my draft?

No, players are automatically set in our suggested ranking order for you. You can make as many changes to this order as you like.

When can we run our league draft?

A link to run your league draft will appear approximately 48 hours after the 10th team enters your league. This will be reduced to 24 hours for leagues that commence within 4 days of the AFL season start.

Is my captain replaced by an interchange player if he scores less than 10?

Your nominated Captain receives double points each round, if he scores less than 10 he will be replaced by your nominated Vice Captain who will score double points. If both Captains score less than 10 and are replaced by interchange players, you dont receive double points for their replacement.

How do I replace a specific Interchange Player?

If you already have 4 Interchange players set and elect to set a new interchange player, one from the list of 4 will be removed. The player removed is the one who has been a nominated interchange player for the longest. You may need to reselect players to set your desired interchange bench each round.

What if I put my 'Nominated Captain' on the bench?

If you put your Captain on the bench, his Captain status is removed. Only active players can be nominated as Captain.

Conversely, if you place a nominated interchange player into your active lineup, his interchange status is removed.

Do I need to maintain 8 backs, 7 centres, 8 forwards and 2 rucks in my player squad, as drafted?

No, you can change the number of positions in any way you like, however, you will only be awarded scores for a maximum of 6 backs, 5 centres, 6 forwards and 1 ruck in each round.

What are the maximum number of interchange players for each round?

You can nominate a maximum of 4 interchange players each round, in any position. For example you can have 4 centres on your interchange if you wish.

Can I add players when a round is in progress?

No, while a round is progress you will not be able to add or drop players or make any changes to your line-up. From approximately 30 mins prior to the start of the first game in each AFL round, your team will be 'locked' as set.

Can I make trade offers when a round is in progress?

Yes, all trading continues throughout the round. The only exception is that a trade that meets the requirement to proceed while a round is in progress, will not occur until that round is completed and team scores are updated.

Why is a player not showing in the list of the team I want to trade with?

The player is already 'under offer'. This player is involved in a previous trade deal that is still pending. A player can not be involved in more than one trade at a time.

How many trades can I make?

Unlimited trades are allowed, however the trading period does expire late in the season.

I am unable to vote on a trade ?

You may have already voted. If voted appears in the table next to the trade, this is the case.

Where can I find the history of all adding and dropping of players?

You can't. As these moves are unlimited for all teams the list could be exhaustive. You will find a list of recently dropped players updated as they occur, on your league page. This will provide you a quick reference for new entrants into the "Free Agent" player pool.

I keep getting re-directed to the "Drop a player" page?

You have exceeded your squad limit of 25. Your team is invalid and you need to drop a player to return to the allowable limit. You can only exceed your limit by one if you add a player without dropping one.

The AFL season has already started, can I play?

Yes you can start a league or join to play at any time. Your fantasy season will start from where the AFL season is, reducing your overall number of rounds. Your finals series will not be impacted .

I finished on the bottom of my league ladder, is the season over for me?

No, everyone in fCC plays finals. You will have a minor finals series to participate in.



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