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AFL fantasy Coach Challenge

Welcome to FCC, the unique AFL fantasy game which has an automated AFL player draft.

Join now, when your league has 10 teams, the countdown to your draft begins. You can rank players in order for your draft, or use our set player rankings. No salary caps.

After your league draft, your choices as coach are flexible. You can trade players with other teams in your league or exchange players for free agents at any time.

Our top 5 fantasy coaches will be invited to join our Hall of Fame League to take on other successful fantasy coaches in a battle to make our Hall of Fame.

You can join one of our public leagues or
create your own league and invite your friends.

It's all FREE so you can play as many times as you like. Check our game information for further details.

Unique AFL Fantasy Game


You could make the fCC
Hall of Fame.

Take the fantasy Coach Challenge to become an AFL fantasy legend.

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Sorry, FCC is not operating for 2014. This is due to the AFL scheduling 6 bye rounds this season.

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